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Moveanywhere: Immigration Services From Experienced Agents
About us

Immigration Services From Experienced Agents

Since its establishment, MOVEANYWHERE has been setting the standard of excellence throughout the global investment migration industry.

MOVEANYWHERE’s extensive network of immigration experts, financial advisors, and investment analysts allows us to serve all of our clientele’s needs through a holistic approach that provides them with maximum benefit for themselves and their families.

MOVEANYWHERE adopts a data-driven mindset that allows us to find the best investment options in the world’s most desirable immigration locations, providing investors with the enhanced mobility assets they need through investments that yield positive results.

how we help clients

Expertise Focus Area

MOVEANYWHERE’s expertise focuses on pre-immigration planning, case management, and global mobility solutions

Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Pre-Immigration Case Management

Real Estate Property Acquisition

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MOVEANYWHERE Has An Extensive Global Network

MOVEANYWHERE’s global network of partners enables us to serve clients throughout the globe

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is an investment migration consultant and an entrepreneur, his career has been solely built within the industry. Having started as a consultant in one of the London based immigration practices he since then has been working in a major investment migration house just before starting a solo practise in 2018 and MOVEANYWHERE in 2020. Timur manages the company's strategic development and advisory practice.
Investment Migration Counsel member

Meet Our Expert

    Hello Reader. I am Timur Sitdikov, the Founder and Managing Partner of MoveAnywhere. I established MoveAnywhere in response to the growing global need for investment migration assets such as second citizenships and flexible residencies. My previous experience in legal practice, tax advisory, and investment critique has allowed me to obtain a comprehensive view of the investment migration industry, and my vast experience in the sector showed me that prospective investor immigrants are in need of a holistic service that encompasses every component of investment migration ventures. Hence, I created MoveAnywhere, a one-stop-shop for everything investment migration-related, and I have surrounded myself with a team of experienced professionals who think outside of the box to provide our clients with solutions that are not found elsewhere. I have had the pleasure of working with clients from various parts of the globe, giving me intimate knowledge regarding the varying needs and objectives my clients may have and how to provide the best suite of solutions that meet those requirements.

    Pablo Rocca

    Pablo Rocca

    is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in corporate law and international business. Currently serving as the Business Development Director for South America at Moveanywhere, he brings over a decade of expertise to the table. With a comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies and international regulations, Pablo excels in providing tailored solutions for clients seeking asset management, tax optimization, and strategic planning. His role involves forging strategic partnerships and expanding Moveanywhere's presence across the region.
    Ksenia Milevska

    Ksenia Milevska

    is a compliance director with over a decade of experience and a Bachelor's degree in law. She holds AML and Advanced certificates from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, showcasing her expertise in regulatory compliance.
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