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Case Management and Pre-Immigration Planning

Case Management and Pre-Immigration Planning

Case Management and Pre-Immigration Planning

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Investment migration is a simple matter. A person with a clean criminal record chooses a destination that they prefer and makes a qualifying investment to obtain a residence permit or citizenship of that country. On paper, it is a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps.


However, since the procedure is easy, many people forgo the crucial point of pre-immigration planning, a matter that could provide them with much more benefits and save substantial funds along the way.


Pre-Immigration Planning, or Case Management as the team at Moveanywhere calls it, is an essential step of the investment migration process, and one that sets us apart from other investment migration consultancies.


At Moveanywhere, our client’s process starts before the legal procedural stage, as they begin their journey with us the right way; mapping out their immigration journey.


Investment migration houses within it a cornucopia of important components. There is the immigration element, where to live, what country suits a person best, what political and economic spheres will it open for the person, etc.


Then there is the investment factor. What type of investment is most suitable for each person, what is their budget, how much they want to spend initially, how much they want to make in profit, arbitrage gain potentials, holding periods, and more.


Then there are other smaller factors that most investment migration firms don’t bother talking to their clients about, such as potential tax benefits, immigration springboarding opportunities, and business prospects.


When a client comes to us at Moveanywhere, we approach their case in an analytical fashion, examining every facet of their case discretely and then merging them to give a holistic view of their needs, wants, objectives, financial capabilities, and potential.


Our data-driven, analytical approach allows us to produce a detailed image of our client’s cases, which in turn provides us with the information we need to plan their journey pre-immigration.


For example, some countries that offer investment immigration programs, such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal, all have special tax regimes; Beckham’s Law, STR, and NHR, respectively.


By understanding our client’s tax burden, asset portfolio, income streams, and more, we can determine which destinations may offer them greater benefits in terms of taxation.


Other clients may have a goal to reach a certain country with hectic or complex immigration laws that they do not fit into, so we may be able to find another country with a simple route that allows them to springboard to the other country through a special immigration route. This is very common in the EU, where some countries have simplified investment migration routes while others don’t, or in the case of those who get Turkish citizenship to take advantage of the ECAA Agreement to springboard them to simplified immigration routes to other countries, such as the Netherlands, for example. 


Finally, some clients may want to expand their business into certain regions but cannot do so without being hindered by foreign investor tax or limitations on physical residency. By utilizing our in-depth understanding of political and economic global collectives, we can provide a roadmap for that by employing shrewd immigration solutions that provide a pathway to our client’s objectives. 


However, to do any of this, intimate knowledge of a client’s case is needed. For instance, Beckham’s Law would be great for single applicants but may differ in its benefit depending on family composition and income sources. At the same time, other tax regimes may have different effects on people depending on their asset portfolio and income streams. 


Understanding our client’s cases in terms of their current situation helps us define the starting point, and then we understand where they want to be, which is the final point of their journey.


In collaboration with a wide network of elite tax advisors, wealth managers, investment analysts, and more, we are able to map that journey to maximize benefits and reduce costs.


This approach is what sets Moveanywhere apart from any other worldwide, and it is what maintains our clientele’s satisfaction.


To know more about our case management process and what we can do for you contact us today.