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Case Management

Investment migration might be contrived as a simple matter. That’s why you’ll see posts and articles talking about countries selling passports and people looking to buy a new citizenship to add to their portfolio. This is partially true; a person with a clean criminal record chooses a destination that they prefer and makes a qualifying investment to obtain a residence permit or citizenship of that country; on paper, it is a straightforward process that requires a few simple steps. However, the whole truth is that in terms of operations, planning, and execution, it is a complex procedure with no room for error. 

Citizenship by investment is a legal procedure commonly painted in brighter colors. Marrying a reality with clients’ expectations in terms of how long the procedure might take, how much involvement is required on their side, and most importantly whether it solves their end goal is a complex equation. For example, in a lot of cases, investment migration not only acts as a Plan B, but as a springboard to actual relocation.

Understanding the cruciality of decision-making and the future effects of each step is vital to success, and we analyze everything we get from a client to ensure we offer them bespoke case management services that will elevate their entire investment migration experience. 

Our case management practice consists of two main services:

  • Application management: Assessing a client’s objectives, needs, and budget and comparing it with their current situation to produce the best suite of solutions and match them with reality.
  • Pre-immigration planning: A service that sets us apart from the rest of the market, as we analyze every detail of the case and prepare a comprehensive investment immigration roadmap that will help clients achieve their goals.
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Pre-Immigration Planning

Pre-Immigration Planning is an essential step of the investment migration process and one that sets us apart from other investment migration consultancies. At MOVEANYWHERE, our client’s process starts before the legal procedural stage, as they begin their journey with us the right way; mapping out their immigration journey.

Investment migration houses within it a cornucopia of important components. There is the immigration element, where to live, what country suits a person best, what political and economic spheres will it open for the person, etc. Then there is the investment factor. What type of investment is most suitable for each person, what is their budget, how much they want to spend initially, how much they want to make in profit, arbitrage gain potentials, holding periods, and more. Then there are other smaller factors that most investment migration firms don’t bother talking to their clients about, such as potential tax benefits, immigration springboarding opportunities, and business prospects.

Take Spain, which is traditionally regarded as a high tax country. In 2003, it introduced a new regime exempting global profits from taxes. Similar regimes have been implemented in many states, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, and Malta, and the list of privileged regimes continues to grow. Moreover, every country of interest to our clients also comes with unique clauses that may be leveraged for personal tax planning.

Tax residency planning services include analysis of the client’s estate, evaluation of tax implications associated with residency in chosen destinations, and assessment of opportunities for reducing the personal tax burden. I have established reliable partnerships with leading law firms in each target country to ensure the most advantageous tax relocation for clients.